2. Teaser I did for our new snowboard film; Heterotopia is an audio-visual journey through the past winter season with Yougofirst collective.

    Premiere: 8.11.2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia // Online release soon after

    Produced by Matic Zavodnik and Vid Barić
    Directed and edited by Matic Zavodnik
    Illustrations by Rina Barbarić
    Filmed by Gregor Berkopec, Dominik Istenič & friends

    Riding by Andrej Marinčič, Žiga Rakovec, Matic Zavodnik, Vid Barić, Georg Obermeissner & friends

    Supported by Nitro, L1, Death Label, Ziggi Rolling Papers, Monster Energy, MethodMag, Yobeat, Kohola Surf Camps and Lomography

    Follow us on FB: facebook.com/yougofirstproduction

  3. Stella the cloud

  4. Dachstein // July14

  5. Island Krk, Croatia // Summer14

  6. Dachstein with Yougofirst collective, Vid took the pics.

    (Source: yougofirstcollective)

  7. New video we did with Yougofirst collective.


    (Source: somuchdesire)

  9. Stella

  10. Yung Lean // Vienna, Austria // Mar14

  11. Mykki Blanco // Ljubljana, Slovenia // May14


  12. Vogel with Yougofirst // April14

    (Source: yougofirstcollective, via somuchdesire)

  13. Vogel, Slovenia // Apr14

  15. New edit I did for Yougofirst, follow us on facebook: facebook.com/yougofirstproduction

    (Source: somuchdesire)